Complete College Wyoming

Complete College Wyoming began in late 2012 with a strong team committed to student success in Wyoming.  Our involvement with Complete College America has allowed us to learn a significant amount about best practices and “Game Changers” in higher education today and has involved us in gathering and comparing data on critical aspects of student success.  We are committed to developing strategies that work well for students in Wyoming and that can be assessed and revised as needed.  Faculty and student services staff will be increasingly involved in guiding the effort and helping to assure that we maintain high quality and ethical standards, while providing an environment where students can best achieve their educational goals.   Our goals reflect the increasing need in Wyoming for well-educated and skilled workers. This is an evolving effort that can make a significant difference in our State.  We encourage involvement and input from stakeholders throughout our State.


Northern Wyoming Community College District University of Wyoming Casper College Western Wyoming Community College Northwest College Central Wyoming College Laramie County Community College Eastern Wyoming College